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  • 1. Creative education pursuing technological convergence

    In the metaverse environment, the infinite digital space and imagination in it are expressed through various experiences. Therefore, creativity requires a technical foundation, and especially coding and 3D-related education are the main focus. In order to cultivate useful creativity, 3D graphics are dealt with in the first and second year courses, and coding is dealt with in the third year course.

    2. Content Creator Education

    SNS contents that coherently explain their thoughts and understanding of their interests and show them to people through visual work gain people's response and support, and also lead to actual profits. Courses such as editorial design, illustration, and motion graphics are conducted through project-based learning in which one's story is unraveled through a visual medium.

  • 3. On-site practical training based on service design

    Design for business is still the largest sector in the overall design industry. In fact, the majority of visual design graduates are working as in-house designers for design companies or various industries. Based on service design, subjects such as identity, marketing, and UX design provide education to experience practical work based on collaboration.